Pre-fabricated (Modular) Bio-safety Laboratory

Biosafe provides Prefabricated/ Modular BSL-2/ BSL-3 facilities on turnkey basis. These labs are build into standard ISO shipping containers, in comply with WHO/ BMBL standards

Prefabricated Biosafety labs having modular structure, air flow control system , HVAC, PLC control system and other machineries are ready to use laboratories with minimum onsite installation work.

Laboratories are tested prior to shipment, furnished with Biosafety cabinets, Double door autoclaves , Pass Box and other necessary equipments suitable for handling Air borne infectious microorganism such as TB, swine/ Bird flu virus, streptococcus pneumoniae etc.

These Prefabricated Labs are used globally to support the wide range of operations traditionally carried out in conventional buildings.

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Sample Layout Standard Type1

  • Consisting of two modular structure with a total size of 640 – 800 Sq ft
  • Approximate 24 square meters of main laboratory area
  • Cascade negative pressure from uncontrolled area to controlled area
  • Cleanliness of Class 100,000 achieve for each controlled area.
  • Allow 2-3 researchers to work inside the main laboratory.


Pre-fabricated (Modular) Bio-safety Laboratory with Animal Facility ( BSL-3/ABSL-3)Sample Layout Standard Type II

  • Consisting of three modular structure
  • Two dimensions of the main laboratory for customer’s choice 40’ x 8’ x 8’ (Approximate 28.8 square meters of the main laboratory area) or 20’ x 8’ x 8’ (Approximate 14.4 square meters of the main laboratory area)
  • Plant room could be installed in location adjacent to the laboratory structure.


Design and Material

Walls and Ceiling

  • Reinforce structure wall and ceiling panel suitable for negative pressure
  • Sealed Airtight and chemical resistant
  • Radius coving are installed at wall-to-wall, wall-to-ceiling.

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  • Lockable, airtight and self closing doors
  • Entrance doors are interlock with emergence manual override
  • Emergency exit



  1. Slip, abrasion and chemical resistant PVC floor
  2. All covered corner wall joint are carefully cut, formed and sealed
  3. Top coving strip, around the inner perimeter of the walls, is carefully sealed with RTV sealant


Pass through Box

  1. Made of stainless steel
  2. With mechanical interlocking
  3. Installed with UV sterilizer


  1. Double door autoclave is installed in the main laboratory for sterilization
  2. Double door interlock
  3. Unidirectional material flow from main laboratory to outside


Pass Box

  1. Pass through boxes are made of stainless steel with mechanical interlocking. Pass through boxes are installed with UV sterilizer.


PLC Control

  1. Centralized Control
  2. Automatic Air Flow Control
  3. Pressure, Temperature & Humidity monitor and control
  4. HEPA filter resistance monitoring
  5. Round the clock (24 hours 7 days) monitoring, record and review of all parameters
  6. Remote monitoring via internet
  7. CCTV surveillance


User Interface

  1. Operator Mode – easy to use interface for daily operation
  2. Service Engineering Mode and Alarm Display Mode – makes maintenance and diagnosis accessible


HVAC System


HEPA Filter

  • All air supply and exhaust are HEPA filtered
  • HEPA filter of 99.99% filter efficiency of 0.3um particle size



  • Built at the room exhaust point and main exhaust point
  • 99.99% filter efficiency of 0.3um particle size
  • Completely airtight
  • Easy for maintenance

3 4

Supply and Exhaust System

  • Independent supply and exhaust system
  • Unidirectional inward air flow
  • None-recirculation, 100% total exhaust
  • Sealed and air tight, stainless stell made all welded ducting
  • Digital pressure gauges to measure and monitor pressure
  • Equipped with high-performance valve to control the negative pressure stable
  • Equipped with audible alarm to detect any pressure and temperature failure
  • Equipped with air tight damper to permit airtight for decontamination



Easy Maintenance

Digital pressure gauges to measure and monitor HEPA resistance. If the resistance reaches the limitation for filter well-work, visual alarm in User Interface will remind to replace a new filter.

Spare spaces have been left in design for the purpose of changing HEPA filter, cleaning air duct and maintenance of equipments.

Waste water treatment

Waste water treatment system is equipped with chemical waste water treatment system for wate water generated from the laboratory. The whole treatment procedure can be accomplished automatically using chemical disinfectant.

Uninterrupted Power Supply/UPS

Uninterrupted power supply system is designed to provide continuous power to damper, controls and biological safety cabinet in the event of power failure from the source/city. Holding time can be selected to provide sufficient time to execute emergency protocol or activate backup electrical generator.

Standby exhaust blower

Standby exhaust blower is designed to switch on almost instantaneously when the original exhaust fails, ensuring the room maintains negative pressure.


The system is designed for easy decontamination. Regular decontamination service is provided during the defect liability period/warranty period.